The EvacONE is a lightweight evacuation mat that acts as a flexible, compact stretcher to evacuate immobile people in the event of a fire or similar emergency.

Suitable for use in a range of settings including hospitals, care homes, schools, pubs, trains and hotels, it is quick and easy to deploy. Simply unroll the EvacONE before transferring the patient from wherever they are lying. They can then be moved to safety, including via stairs, using the long pulling handles at either end.

Manufactured in the UK, the EvacONE is constructed from heavy-duty PVC with a hard-wearing foam-insulated plastic base which allows it to slide easily across the floor. The head and foot pulling handles, side lifting loops and adjustable colour-coded cross straps are all made from high visibility webbing with durable, lightweight plastic trident buckles.

Please note, the above price includes shipping. If you require installation, please send an inquiry to info@lsfiresolutions or call 01635-292444 before purchasing!