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Since 2013 the team at LS Fire Solutions has been providing professional, friendly, and most importantly, honest fire safety advice to clients nationwide!

Our Team

Our team is passionate about supporting our nationwide clients with all of their Fire Safety needs and doing so at an affordable cost. Over the last few years, we have all experienced the impact of Covid-19 and as a result of this we have developed our new and bespoke Five-Year Fire Risk Assessment Audit Package. This package provides our clients with two Fire Risk Assessments and three Audits. When agreeing to this package, our clients will receive costs savings that equate to one FREE Audit!

We are also proud suppliers of the P50 Composite Eco Extinguisher. The Eco is a part of a new generation of Fire Safety equipment that have been designed with sustainability in mind. These units totally remove the need for CO2! The units are produced in Britain using a low-energy manufacturing and a higher-percentage of recycled parts. Filled with a unique foam that is coupled with pulse technology, the Eco can be used on both Class A & B fires as well as on live electrical equipment, up to 1,000v. For more details on these environmentally friendly extinguishers, please see our Eco Extinguishers page!

Lloyd Smith

Managing Director & Lead Fire Risk Assessor

GIFireE, MIFPO, NAHFO – Fire Safety Level 3

After more than a decade working within the NHS, Lloyd incorporated LS Fire Solutions. LS Fire aims to provide professional, friendly, and most importantly, honest advice on Fire Safety to our clients around the country. Starting the company as a single person operation, LSFS has developed into an SME offering a wide range of products and services.

Joe Hankey

Team Manager & Fire Risk Assessor

NAHFO – Principles of Fire Safety & Fire Safety Level 3 (In Progress)

Joe has been with LS Fire Solutions since 2019 initially as a Fire Safety Surveyor. In 2021, Joe was promoted to Team Manager to assist Lloyd in the running of the staff teams. Joe has recently been undertaking his Fire Safety Level 3 Qualification and is set to finish in early 2022!

David Woods

Compartmentation Surveyor & Installation Manager for Eco Extinguishers

Introduction to Passive Fire Protection & IFEDA Full Extinguisher Course

David has been with LS Fire Solutions since 2020 and initially started as a Compartmentation Surveyor. With the launch of the Eco Extinguishers, David became the Lead Installer of the units for our various clients and has since been promoted to Installation Manager. As part of this role, David covers both the Eco Extinguisher but also the servicing of standard steel units and fire blankets.

Oliver Wild

Compartmentation Surveyor & Project Officer

Introduction to Passive Fire Protection & Passive Fire Protection Level 2 (Undertaking in 2022.)

Olly has been with LS Fire Solutions since 2018 and started as our Compartmentation Surveyor. As of 2020, Olly was promoted to Lead Compartmentation Surveyor and our Project Officer. This new role as Project Officer includes working with some of our largest Compartmentation clients to ensure that work plans and time schedules are adhered to. In 2022 Olly will be undertaking a further Passive Fire Protection Course.

Adriana Best

Business Development Manager

Business and Management – International Pathway B.A. Honours.

Adriana has been with LS Fire Solutions since 2021 as the Business Development Officer. In 2021, Adriana was promoted to Business Development Manager. As part of this role, Adriana covers various areas of the business including the overall Growth and Development, as well as Marketing and Quality Assurance.

Gee San Paterson

Admin Assistant

Gee San joined LS Fire Solutions in 2021 and currently works to provide support to our overall team. In anyone day Gee San will assist with Quality Assurance (as part of our Gold Standard process!) and various Marketing Campaigns.

Bill Ainsworth

Accounts Officer

Bill has been with LS Fire Solutions since 2020 as our Accounts Officer. As part of his role, Bill focuses on providing quotes and invoices to our customers and our internal payments including the never-ending expense receipts!

Steven Guppy

Fire Risk Assessor, Compartmentation Surveyor, & Health and Safety lead

Introduction to Passive Fire Protection & Fire Safety Level 3 (In Progress.)

Steve has been with LS Fire Solutions since 2020 and started as a Compartmentation Surveyor. In the past 18 months, Steve has taken on the role of Health & Safety Lead and, as of 2022, has been undertaking his Level 3 Fire Risk Assessors Certification!

Established in 2013 and incorporated in 2015, LS Fire Solutions prides itself on being an independent Fire Solutions Company that offers professional, friendly, and honest Fire Safety advice nationwide!

Over the last few years, we have seen great expansion including providing products and services to a vast arrange of new clients as well as our existing clients. Some of these clients include:

  • Holiday Park and Caravan Sites
  • Medical Facilities (including both private and NHS)
  • NHS Trusts
  • Private Long-term Rental
  • Homes & Apartments
  • Hospitality Premises
  • Leisure and Activity Facilities
  • Environmental Services
  • Automotive Garages
  • Five-Star Resorts & Hotels
  • Local Government.
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Our Services

Fire Risk Assessments

Offering a range of risk assessments for small, medium and large buildings

Fire Safety Training

Fire awareness, fire warden, fire response, live extinguisher and site specific training


New generation composite Extinguishers. 20 year life span. Lighter and safer to use.

Care Homes

Offering a complete suite of services tailored and adapted for the needs of the residents

Holiday Parks

Full solution of services, training and risk assessments tailored for your holiday business

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Providing an end to end service, including sales, commissioning and servicing

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