Introducing the innovative EcoExtinguisher – a cutting-edge addition to fire safety solutions. This New Generation Composite Extinguisher boasts a remarkable 20-year life cycle, offering unparalleled longevity and reliability. Engineered with advanced materials, it’s not only lighter but also safer to handle during emergencies. Embracing sustainability, this extinguisher sets new standards by being economically friendly, reducing environmental impact without compromising on effectiveness. From its longevity to its eco-conscious design, the EcoExtinguisher represents a pivotal shift towards greener fire safety solutions, ensuring both safety and sustainability for generations to come.

Environmentally Friendly

New Generation Composite Extinguisher

20 Year Life Cycle

Lighter & safer to use

Economically friendly

No Service Parts and Fewer refills

Watercourse Safe Foam

Low Energy Manufacturing

Higher percentage of recycled parts

On average our customers benefit from a 47% cost saving over a 10 year period

Composite Construction


Kevlar Aramid type woven core for Super Strength


UV Protective Casing


Marine Grade Anti Corrosive Component


10 Year Guarantee

No annual maintenance charges

Simple visual inspection by a member of your staff offering additional benefits for: