The EvacPAD is a padded evacuation mat designed for the emergency evacuation of bedbound / immobile patients from premises where space is limited.

The design allows non-ambulant adults and children to be moved safely when congested wards, narrow corridors or single width fire escapes mean they cannot be evacuated on a bed or mattress.

A durable plastic base allows the EvacPAD to slide easily over most internal floor surfaces and is robust enough to move patients over external surfaces to a safe distance. Its construction also allows for vertical evacuation up and down stairs when lifts cannot be accessed.

An optional Blizzard Reflexcell thermal blanket can be added to provide additional warmth and protection and maintain patient dignity.

Please note, the above price includes shipping. If you will require installation, please contact us on either 01635-292444 or email info@lsfiresolutions.co.uk prior to purchasing!

The EvacPAD is manufactured in the UK and has a wipe-clean heavy-duty flame-retardant PVC upper with a 5cm cushioned inner pad, large foot pocket and hard plastic base. Soft touch high-visibility ergonomic pull handles ensure operator comfort and safety while colour-coded securing cross straps have adjustable ergonomically-shaped plastic buckles for patient comfort.

The EvacPAD comes with a wipe-clean wall-mounted storage bag