What is a Fire Risk Assessment & Why is it Needed?

Care home manager signs paperwork related to fire safety regulations.

A Fire Risk Assessment is exactly what it sounds like – a thorough look at any fire hazards and risk within a premises. The Fire Risk Assessment will highlight the potential dangers that can be removed or mitigated in order to protect any employees, customers or visitors that use the building. 

Why are Fire Risk Assessments important?

Most fires are preventable, but it is up to those responsible for the buildings and workplaces to reduce the risk of fire as much as possible. Needless to say – this is difficult to do if you aren’t sure what the risks are!

What’s included in a Fire Risk Assessment?

There are a number of elements and areas that are considered in a Fire Risk Assessment. Professional Fire Risk Assessors (like us!) will know exactly what to look for – this is why it is vitally important to choose a reputable and knowledgeable fire safety company for your assessment.

Your Fire Risk Assessment will identify things such as:

  • What could cause a fire to start (sources of ignition)
  • Nature of substances and their impact on a fire incident (flammability)
  • People at risk (such as or including PEEP’s)
  • Who is the Responsible Person?
  • How a fire will be detected
  • Available/suitable firefighting equipment 
  • Fire exits and escape routes
  • Who at the premises requires Fire Safety Training and if currently in date.

Once you know the risks and areas of concern, you can take action to prevent, control, or (if possible) completely avoid them. 

These measures could include:

  • Maintaining or replacing firefighting equipment 
  • Establishing an Evacuation Plan and exit routes
  • Ensuring that relevant individuals receive Fire Safety Training (such as Fire Awareness and Fire Warden Training)
  • Removing or managing potential sources of ignition and highly flammable materials
  • Installing appropriate detection and Fire alarm system – and scheduling regular fire alarm testing
  • Keeping fire exit routes unobstructed and clearly marked
  • Maintaining good housekeeping (e.g. clearing rubbish quickly and efficiently.)

Your Fire Risk Assessor will explain what you need to be aware of within your premises and the measures that you will need to take in order to improve your fire safety.

Are Fire Risk Assessments required by UK law?

A Fire Risk Assessment, and a written record of it, is required by UK law. It is also a legal obligation to keep it up to date. It is recommended that you review your Fire Risk Assessment on an annual basis but if any significant changes are made to the building, you must arrange for a new Fire Risk Assessment to be undertaken.

Every business must have an allocated ‘Responsible Person’ who has a legal obligation to conduct or arrange a Fire Risk Assessment (by a competent person/company) for their premises. The ‘Responsible Person’ is usually the business owner or employer, but it can also be the building owner.  

Note: Make sure that you look into this to ensure that someone is taking responsibility for your fire safety!

Whilst you may be able to complete a Fire Risk Assessment, as the ‘Responsible Person’, it is a great idea to have an impartial specialist undertake this for you. With years of experience in fire safety, a trained Fire Risk Assessor will ensure that all of the potential risks and hazards are recorded and provide you with a report that will assist you to ensure that all of these risks and hazards are mitigated.

LS Fire Solutions | Fire Risk Assessment | Berkshire

At LS Fire Solutions, we provide comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments to Berkshire, Newbury and nationwide. We will help you to manage your legal fire safety obligations within commercial premises, identifying all of the potential risks and hazards within the property. We also specialise in domestic fire safety, assisting our clients to ensure that they have mitigated the risk of fire as much as possible. 

We have helped NHS services, care homes, schools, HMO’s and many other organisations to meet their Fire Risk Assessment obligations. Just take a look at some of our clients!

Are you interested in our other Fire Safety Services? We also offer several fire safety courses, including Fire Warden Training, Fire Awareness Training, Fire Evacuation Training, E-Learning and Fire Extinguisher Training. 

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