Eco Extinguishers: Is The Hype Justified?


If you’re in charge of a facility’s fire safety, you’ll know about the importance of having functional and serviced fire extinguishers. But have you ever heard of Eco Extinguishers? Let’s take a look at this new generation of extinguishers and consider their benefits over standard models.

What are Eco Extinguishers?

While typical fire extinguishers are made from steel, P50 Eco fire Extinguishers are made from granules of plastic that have been blow moulded into shape. The manufacturing process is extremely energy efficient and produces no waste – any plastic that isn’t used is simply turned back into granules to be moulded into another extinguisher.

They also contain other materials and components like a Kevlar Aramid Type Woven Core, UV protective casing, and marine grade anti-corrosive components. 

Not only does the innovative design of the P50 Eco Extinguisher make it lighter, safer, and more effective to use, it considerably increases its lifespan. Whilst a standard steel extinguisher unit has a lifespan range of 5 -10 years (with a costly extended service at year 5) the P50 Eco Extinguisher has a lifespan range of 10 – 20 years (units refurbished at 10-years). The span and ability to refurbish the units to increase their lifespan adds to the P50’s eco-friendly credentials. 

Are Eco Extinguishers effective?

Yes. Eco Extinguishers are extremely effective at fighting fires. In fact, they are more effective than standard steel extinguishers. With a 3.4 metre square coverage (compared to steel extinguishers 1.3 metre square coverage), the P50’s foam boasts a much better efficiency for combatting flames. Plus, while standard steel extinguisher contains 1.5% foam and 98.5% water, an Eco Extinguisher contains 11.5% high intensity foam and 88.5% water. 

Other benefits of Eco Extinguishers

Aside from the functionality and environmental benefits of Eco Extinguishers, they are also a low-maintenance option. 

Another benefit of switching to the P50 Eco Extinguishers is their ability to be annually maintained by staff within your company/facility (once training has been given to them by a member of the Eco Extinguisher Installation team). The annual maintenance checks are simple and straightforward including an initial visual inspection of all aspects of the unit and a gauge check that is completed using the magnet provided at the base of every P50 unit. 

The simple annual maintenance checks allow clients to ensure compliance in-house without the need for costly external maintenance/servicing contracts.

We have already noted the improved foam coverage of P50 Eco Extinguishers, but this actually provides you with another benefit. As the P50’s provide an increased fire rating and have the added benefit of being able to be used on Electrical fires (up to 1,000v) means that one Eco Extinguisher can replace a standard steel CO2 and Foam pair. This further assists in reducing maintenance costs and the number of units that are required across the site.

With so many advantages in terms of energy efficient manufacturing, improved fire safety, reduced costs, and simple maintenance requirements, it’s no wonder that Eco Extinguishers are experiencing a surge in hype!

Eco Extinguishers and Fire Risk Assessments in Berkshire

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