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We at LS Fire Solutions, help the people of Berkshire to carry out a professional fire risk assessment that helps them to remove and reduce the risk of fire.

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Fire Risk Assessments

It is necessary for all homeowners as well as business individuals to get their fire risk assessment reviewed and updated on a yearly basis to stay safe and secure from the risk of fire. Our team of professionals will help you get your place’s fire risk assessment done in case if there is any change in the premises or you have increased the number of employees or you have nearly missed a fire emergency. If you are in control of any part of a commercial premise, you are therefore under a legal obligation to carry out a detailed fire risk assessment to identify the hazards and risks in the premises.

We have launched our new

Fire Risk Assessment Audit Package

Our new five-year package provides our clients with two Fire Risk Assessments and Three Fire Risk Assessment Audits!

Our package has been designed as a direct response to the impact that Covid-19 has had on many of our clients. The bespoke package offers savings that are equivalent to one completely free audit – this ensures that our clients are still receiving the high-quality fire safety advice that they require but at an even more affordable price!

As well as the risk assessment offering, if you have our Eco Extinguishers installed within your premises, our assessors will service up to 20 units during their visit. This information is then recorded on our online Extinguisher Management System.

If you have previously instructed our Fire Risk Assessment services, within the last 12-months, you will be able to simply upgrade to our package plan and the previous costs paid will be offset against the package price!

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Our Steps

A professional fire risk assessment is necessary for keeping your premises safe for everyone. LS Fire Solutions will perform the fire risk assessment in five steps:

1. Identify

Help you identify the fire hazards at your domestic or commercial premises

2. assess

Will identify the number of people at risk in case of a fire emergency

3. Evaluate

Help you evaluate, reduce or remove the fire risks at the premises

4. record

Professionals will record your findings and prepare an emergency plan and training

5. review

Will help you update and review your premises fire risk assessment on a regular basis

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Most frequent questions and answers

If your business has more than 5 employees, you must keep a written record of your Fire Risk Assessment. This must be reviewed annually.
The system that we use at LS Fire Solutions offers access to our clients so that they are able to record progress in their remedial works, at any time. This means that our clients will always have a live and up to date Fire Risk Assessment if required. This system is provided at no extra cost.

You are known as the Responsible Person

If there is more than one responsible person you will have to work together to meet your responsibilities.

The responsible person is often The Owner, An Employer, The Landlord, An Occupier

Anyone else with control of the premises: e.g. a Facilities Manager, Building Manager, Managing Agent or Risk Assessor.

It is the duty of the Responsible Person to ensure that they appoint a competent person to complete a suitable and efficient fire risk assessment.

The cost of the Fire Risk Assessment is based on the building and the nature of the business. We will ensure that we carefully match the competency and experience of the attending assessor to the job.

We have also recently launched our new Fire Risk Assessment Audit Package. This has been designed to provide five years of assessments and audits to our clients and ensure that they are remaining compliant but at an affordable price.

Please see the Package section of our website for further details.

Fire Risk Assessments must be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it remains up to date. A new assessment would be required if there are any significant changes or if it suspected that the current risk assessment is no longer valid.

LS Fire Solutions use a specialised and tailored online system that will provide alerts. This will allow you to manage your actions from your inbox and will mean that you will always have a live, compliant, and relevant risk assessment available.

We are able to create CAD drawings if these are required. This is currently priced at £0.08 per square meter.

We are able to offer compartmentation surveys. If you would like any further details on this type of surveying and pricing, please do contact our team.

We offer two options for the Fire Warden Training:

Based in our Newbury office and for up to 8 people we charge £25.00 per person.

Based on your site, with site specific training on a two and half-hour course and for up to 8 people we charge £395.00.

Please be advised that this price is inclusive of sites based within 30 miles of our Newbury office – for on-site training outside of this, please do contact us for a price.

Recently we have launched our new Fire Risk Assessment Audit Package. This is a five-year contract with us that includes two fire risk assessments as well as three audits. As we are sure you are aware, fire risk assessments and audits are required by law for your compliance.
The aim of our package is to help remove the responsibility from you whilst ensuring that you remain complaint for an affordable price. To ensure that this is affordable for all of our clients, the total can be divided between the five years.
Within the package you will receive a cost saving that is equivalent to one completely free audit and, if you have installed the Eco Extinguishers, we will service, up to 20 of these, once annually during the audit/assessment.
For more details, please see the Package section on the website, or contact us!

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