LS Fire Solutions

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New Generation Composite Extinguisher


20 Year Life Cycle


Lighter & safer to use


Economically friendly

P50-Foam Fire Extinguisher

On average our customers benefit from a 47% cost saving over a 10 year period

A product of innovation​

British made using state-of-the-art clean manufacturing processes.
Our patented extinguishers employ technology pioneered by the motor racing, defence, aircraft and aerospace industries.

Increased fire protection​

1.5% standard foam
98.5% water
Fire Extinguishers with Blue Level
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13A Standard Extinguisher Foam

1.3m coverage

11.5% high intense foam
88.5% foam
Fire Extinguishers with Different Level
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34A Eco Extinguisher Foam

3.4m coverage

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Environmentally Friendly

20 Year Life Cycle

No Service Parts and Fewer refills

Watercourse Safe Foam

Low Energy Manufacturing

Higher percentage of recycled parts

Composite Construction


Kevlar Aramid type woven core for Super Strength